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N. BRADLEY LITCHFIELD joined the firm after his June 2002 retirement from the Federal Election Commission where he served for 14 years as Associate General Counsel with senior management responsibility for regulations and advisory opinions. Mr. Litchfield was with the FEC from its formation in 1975 when he first developed and then directed the Commission's advisory opinion program.


He brings to the firm a career of knowledge and hands on experience with Federal election financing regulations, FEC advisory opinions, along with special insight as to the underlying trends and priorities in FEC enforcement cases. Mr. Litchfield has also effectively represented PACs and other clients before the FEC in various enforcement cases and other FEC administrative compliance matters, including FEC audits and campaign finance disclosure inquiries by the FEC. 


He also had a senior-level management role in launching the regulation efforts of the FEC to implement the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, which imposed major new restrictions on Federal election campaign finance activity that have subsequently been invalidated or modified by U.S. Supreme Court and lower Federal court decisions.

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